Well you have had your delivery of TimberTec Firewood which will be on your drive in a nice pile or as near possible to your wood store. Please remember at this point is when your much value firewood is most at risk!! Yes the weather, when having a delivery always try and have a Bash at hand ready for those sudden down pours. I must stress a little rain will not hurt the firewood but sitting in pouring rain for a few days will not help its burning quality.

When you purchase your TimberTec Firewood be it Green Cut, 3 star or 4 star it will all need stacking, this is very important and is needed to continue the seasoning process. Firewood is always best stacked with airflow all round it, I know this is not always possible but if you can stack off the walls of sheds and hangers ( Unless made of wood) say approx 40cm this helps air flow down the back too.

We at TimberTec find the best way to stack and continue the seasoning of our firewoods is to use the “Cross Stack Method” (as per images) this will guarantee the continued seasoning and improve the firewood whilst in your wood store.

If you do not have a wood store and stack outside use the same stacking method as above but with a Bash on the top and partly the sides thus still allowing airflow. With outside stacking its best practice to bring wood indoors pre burning it, normally stack near to wood burner each side if possible this allows you to rotate the smaller indoor piles which helps to give better burn.

Moisture Readings at the Moment

TimberTec 3 Star 23% -29%
TimberTec 4 Star 19%- 23%

Stacking correctly and using the method above could well reduce the moisture levels further, this style of stacking and continued seasoning could take another 5% out of the 3 Star and 3% out of the 4 Star.

Remember empty the ash pan regular and sweep the flue or liner at least once per year, check the ropes on the stoves etc to help aid a controlled burn.

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