Our Firewood and Timber Products all come from managed woodlands which use sustainable, well-managed sources and best practices in line with EU regs.
TimberTec firewood is grown in Brittany sold in Brittany.
Please note a lot of the firewood suppliers are buying hardwood from ex eastern block Countries, consider your carbon miles when buying.

You can book a delivery of our Firewood or other products by using the contact form, emailing us, or calling us.
French and English spoken.

06 508 315 74 English
06 503 694 37 French

Deliveries are made with a twin axle trailer carrying up to 1and a half cordes or a tipping twin axle trailer carrying 2 cordes. The loads will be tipped as near as possible to your log store or roadside.
There is a stacking service if needed at extra cost.

Straight away! All wood is split into good size logs and air seasoned until there is no more than 25% moisture content. Above this level would mean the logs do not burn efficiently, and would produce less heat with more smoke. Split wood burns more effectively than whole logs, as there is a greater surface area to burn.

All our wood is forest seasoned mixed hardwoods the prices are as follows.

1 corde mixed hardwood 3 star seasoned up to 12 months €190.00
1 corde mixed hardwood 4 star seasoned up to 24 months €220.00
1 corde mixed hardwood Green cut for home seasoning €170/00

Please note there are delivery charges to add.

We take Cash or Cheque and sometimes bank transfer if needed.
Is it environmentally friendly to burn wood? Absolutely! You are only releasing the carbon that would have been released if the wood was decaying in a forest. So long as you are burning your wood in an efficient wood burner and using well seasoned wood, then firewood is a Carbon Neutral energy source.
Open fires are far less efficient than a wood burner and will produce much more particulates (less heat into room, more pollution up chimney!)

TimberTec Firewood is cut into about 44cm – 47cm lengths, and about 9cm – 16cm wide and split. These will fit most wood burners or open fires. If you have a smaller wood burner or grate, or just want smaller pieces, then let me know when you order but there is a small charge for special cut.

We do have lead times of anything from 8 – 16 days it really pays to place your orders early with us in the season we are dependant on the weather. And our peak times are November and December. During peak time how ever we do deliver on Saturdays and sometimes Sunday with demand.

Not normally but I can do for an additional charge of 30€.per corde subject to distance (trailer to wood store). I would need to know in advance of delivery so that I can bring a wheel barrow.

This is not possible as the forests we work in are private with no public access. We would be breaking our agreement with the landowners to allow this, so sorry delivery only.